Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catholic Culture: Family Heirlooms

My great-grandfather made this manger scene for the family with his own hands in about 1950.  He would have been around 80 years of age.  He lived to be 96.

Such a thoughtful gift to be treasured for generations.

Catholic men, make something like this for your family to be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come.  Simple and easy plan.  And it would be nicer than anything you could ever purchase in a store.  The kids will enjoy it.       

Church of St. Agnes Crypt Chapel

This is where my great-grandparents were wed in 1898 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The original chapel was destroyed when in 1912 a new church was constructed on the same site.

In the 1940s this basement chapel was completed.

Louise Asfalg and Anthony Sonnen.  Pray for them.  May they rest in peace.

They left a Catholic progeny.  May God be praised.     

New FSSP Parish in Minneapolis

Church of All Saints.

Located in the historic Catholic neighborhood of North East Minneapolis.

Support this parish so they can restore the interior of the church.  Will be great to see the inside outlined again by elegant stencil work, which ads to the dignity of the worship space.  A place of spiritual nourishment.

Many who visit here for the first time leave saying the experience has led them to rediscover or deepen their faith.  

After a wonderful Polish dinner at Nye's Polonaise Room in the Chopin Dining Room, we came here.

Be generous this season and give:

Monsignor Richard J. Schuler, PhD

He exhibited eminent priestly qualities.

He was good at being a priest.

He loved the Roman rite.

He longed for the music of the Church.

He promoted vocations.

He preached the Mystical Body of Christ.

He taught us to accept what Holy Mother Church has given us in Her wisdom.    

Cardinals in the Vatican

Christmas Image

An antique German Christmas image.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

My uncle got this at an antique show.  You never know the treasures you will find.

Catholic Statues from Japan

So many lovely antique statues made in Japan. 

This one yours truly discovered in a used clothing store. 

These objects of devotion ought to be kept in the family. 

Agnus Dei Wax

Oratio Pro Missa Latine Celebranda (Prayer for the Celebration of the Mass in Latin)


O mundi Regnator, qui te omni lingua hominum angelorumque laudari voluisti; tribue, quaesumus, ut etiam in diebus nostris sacrificium dilecti Filii tui immaculatum assidue lingua Romana in oratoriis gentis nostrae omniumque permultis tibi offeratur a populo ad te toto corde converso: per Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen.

Cum licentia Ordinarii
Baton Rouge, LA
Aug 8, 1994

Join Us to See the Shroud of Turin!

I invite you all for the trip of a lifetime...

When the Shroud of Turin goes on display in the Cathedral of Turin next spring – only the sixth time in nearly a century – it can have an illustrious visitor: you.

The Shroud, believed to be the burial cloth of Christ, is normally kept inside a special climate controlled container inside Turin’s cathedral. But in 2015, the Shroud will be on display for an extraordinary public exhibition from April 19 until June 24.  Do not miss this opportunity for you to see this most precious relic of Christendom.

We will lead a pilgrimage of students and teachers from Vancouver to visit the Shroud while on pilgrimage.  The dates for our scheduled trip are April 27 - May 7, 2015.  I strongly encourage all to participate with us in this truly remarkable experience.  All are welcome.  Do not miss out.

The Turin visit is an added bonus.  We will also see Milan, Rome, Pavia (burial place of Augustine), Genoa, Vatican City.   

Feel free to contact myself with any questions.

For registration and itinerary click here.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gaudete Sunday in America

Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

An oasis of worship and liturgical piety and Christian devotion.

 A Solemn Latin High Mass has been celebrated on this site every Sunday - without interruption - for over 100 years.

I will forever be grateful to the good Lord in heaven having guided me here to learn the Roman rite.  Was great to get back today.  Just like old times.

Holy Mass was celebrated by the great Fr. Cassian Folsom, OSB, prior of Norcia. 

Rose Colored Vestments

Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA). 

Gaudete Vespers at Church of Saint Agnes (USA)

Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA).

This is where yours truly learned the chants of the Roman Church.  I began attending Vespers here while in high school.  The best way to learn Gregorian Chant - attend weekly Vespers!  It was crucial to my liturgical and spiritual formation.  Ideal for priests and seminarians.

Rose Colored Altar Setup for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays

Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA). 

Antipendium (Altar Frontal)

Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA). 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Catholic Culture: A.D. on Cornerstone

Nice to see.  At the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. 

"In the Year of Our Lord..."

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA)

Where yours truly was born.  In a city founded by a priest, Fr. Lucian Galtier.  On the upper banks of the mighty Mississippi River, the "Father of Rivers." 

Under the shadow of this dome, the mighty Cathedral of Saint Paul, located on St. Anthony Hill in the city named for the Apostle to the Gentiles, Saint Paul. 

I was born in Saint Joseph's Hospital, in the J.G.M (John Gregory Murray) unit which opened in July 11, 1960, named for Archbishop Murray.  

It is important for all of us to know where and what we come from.  And to revisit our roots.

The story of St. Joseph's Hospital is more than the tale of the 1853 converted log chapel which grew with the needs of its community into today's massive hospital.  The narrative must include an accounting of the deeds performed by the physicians, nurses and other professional and auxiliary personnel of the hospital staff, working with the Sisters to form a team which has brought the best of the art and science of medicine and nursing to the patients of St. Joseph's.

These good Samaritans follow in the venerable footsteps of Bishop Joesph Cretin, who gave both financial and spiritual aid to begin the Sisters' project.  Symbolic of the general community support which has grown with the years, the land upon which Saint Joseph's stands today was donated by Senator Henry Rice and lumber was furnished by a Sioux Indian Chief, Cloud Man.

God bless the spirit and determination of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, who had opened their hands and hearts to the pioneer community which was St. Paul and have continued to serve with a devotion and idealism flowing from the example of Christ Himself.  Let's hope for a revival of their Order and we invoke the intercessions of the good Sisters who have gone before us.  Let us pray! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Ale Blessing in Minnesota (USA)

For the men's club.

A nice tradition.

From the Roman Ritual.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Immaculate Conception Mass in USA

Holy Mass this evening in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

Church of the Sacred Heart, constructed in 1958.

The celebrant is the great Fr. Bryan Pedersen.  We went to high school together.

Fr. Bryan is really good at being a priest.  Holy and meek.  And a super nice guy.  I consider him a very good friend.  He is a convert to the Catholic Faith from Anglicanism.  Well liked by everyone, he is one of the best preachers I have heard in a long time.  He is a liturgical scholar.    

Thanks, Father!

Secretaria Status Watermark from the Vatican

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Liturgical Music

From the St. Gregory Hymnal.

Note to readers: not all sacred music is liturgical music. 

In the St. Gregory Hymnal, you will always find sacred music that is also liturgical music.

This gem is a favorite for Advent.

JFK Godfather at Westminster Cathedral Baptism

American President Kennedy Godfather at the 1961 Baptism of his niece, Anna Christina Radziwill (daughter of Caroline Lee Bouvier and the late Polish Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill).

Rose Kennedy with Pius XII

What the l'Abito di Gala Looked Like

Each cardinal had two: one for summer (seen here) and one for winter. 

Rear Admiral Will Share The Bible, No Matter What

Official Site for the Cause of Canonization of Ven Pius XII

Knights of Columbus in the Vatican

The K of C have done so much over the years in the Vatican.  They have given millions to the local and universal Church.  This photo was taken inside a little chapel in the Vatican City.  God reward them for their charities. 

Pray for Roman Pontiffs Living and Deceased


World Youth Day 2016 with Juventutem

 Mark your calendars and let others know.

Details will be announced at a further date.

Stay tuned.

Portable Traveling Altar Cards

From the 1920s.  Made in Germany.  Regensburg.

Published by Pustet (a long-established German publishing firm).  

Sunday, November 30, 2014

What is Advent?

Advent is the time during which the Church prepares for the coming of Jesus Christ, that is, for His birth as well as for His second coming.

It begins with the Sunday nearest the feast of St. Andrew (November 30), and includes four Sundays, but not always four complete weeks.  These four weeks are symbolical of the four thousand years during which man awaited the coming of the Messiah.

The spirit animating the Church during the season of Advent is of penance and of holy longing.

Of penance, to prepare the way of the Lord in the souls of the faithful.  Of holy longing, to obtain for them the grace of receiving Him worthily.

During Advent, except on feasts, violet vestments are used.  The Te Deum is omitted from the Office of Matins and the Gloria from the Mass.  No flowers are placed on the altar, and the organ is not played, except on feast days, on the third Sunday of Advent, on the Vigil of Christmas, etc.  The solemnizing of marriage during this season is avoided.  We wait for Him.     

Dominica Prima Adventus (First Sunday of Advent): The New Liturgical Year Begins Today

Proprium de Tempore (Masses of the Liturgical Year).

The first word of the liturgical year, which we heard today: "Ad" (to/towards).  An act of motion.  In the direction of God.

The first sentence of the liturgical year: "To Thee I have lifted up my soul; my God, in Thee is my confidence." 

Say No to Secular Christmas Cards

And yes to real Christmas cards.

Only buy the cards our grandparents purchased.

The war waged against Christianity is more intense than ever.

The cards frequently no longer even say "Merry Christmas." 

Often, you will be lucky to find one with even the 3 magi on the cover.

When at your North American mall, be selective of where you shop.    

I say boycott Hallmark stores for their clear as day absence of real Christmas cards.  Carlton Cards stores I find to be better.  Costco is another blatant one in their attack on the identity of Christmas. 

Jesus is the reason for the season.  Keep Christ in Christmas.   

Your Christmas Cards: in Latin

Tempus Adventus


In an effort to make the most of what was left of ancient Rome's rubble - available construction materials found here and there, while still satisfying the traditional local and Byzantine rules of design, the Cosmati fractionized the basic motifs of their patterns through a mechanism of subdivisions that involved breaking a figure into small pieces by inscribing its inverse within in.

The Cosmati were Roman artists who worked in and near Rome during the second half of the Middle Ages.  The essence of Cosmatesque art lies in its ornament, specifically in a particular type of flat polychrome geometric ornament.

Cosmatesque designs are rich with meaning and hidden symbolism.  My personal favorite is the Quincunx (a double-cross motif).  This you might say is the underlying geometry of the Quincunx-in-square.  It is the highlight of ornaments in the Cosmatesque designs.  An arrangement of fine things in a square or rectangle with one at each corner and one in the middle.  The cross of St. Andrew.  The same "X" traced on the floor during the consecration of a new church.   

Why Psalm 42?

The psalm Judica me is a psalm of repentance and hope,the psalm of the human element, the cries of the human condition, marred by sin and reborn with hope in the coming of the Messiah.

The royal prophet, King David, in the anguish of his exile was long ago inspired to write this hallowed prayer.  David, too, was born in Bethlehem. 

It expresses the sentiments of fear, but also those of confidence and desire, with which the priest should be animated when he stands at the foot of the altar.

The anthem which precedes the psalm and which is taken from the psalm itself, indicates the dominant sentiments, one of confidence: "I will go unto the altar of God, to God who giveth joy to my youth."  The same anthem we hope to sing as we enter our way into the heavenly reward.

This psalm is not recited in Masses for the dead nor in Passiontide.  The reason is found in the verse: "Why art thou sorrowful, O my soul?" since under such circumstances the soul ought to be sorrowful.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Allied Soldiers in Italy and Vatican in Colour

The old colour films are of great historical interest. 

The Americans were the first to film Rome from the air in color footage. 

In the area around the Vatican you see how the post-war urban development has changed the landscape.