Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass

What is Wrong With This Picture?

As one who teaches marriage prep to engaged couples, it is beyond my comprehension why we are doing something as insane as this in 2015 - allowing Catholic couples to make up their own declaration of consent.  This is being careless beyond description.  Consent makes the marriage.  It is just about the most important thing in the Rite of Marriage.  Let us repent and pray the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops will revise this aberration.     

Teach Your Kids About Vestments

Book Presentation in Rome Not to Be Missed

A fine work by a fine scholar. 

The theme is more relevant today than ever.

The story of this saint makes for a fascinating read. 

Middle East CNEWA Canada

Save Christians in the Middle East

Christians are under attack everywhere.

In the Middle East many are in grave physical peril.

The last vestiges of Christianity are being extinguished in some parts of the world.  

How to help?  What to do?

Give to the papal organization for humanitarian and pastoral support: the

Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

Millions of people, Christians and others alike, have been forced to leave their homes because of violent conflict and extremism. 

For Christians - mostly in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya - increasing harassment, attacks and killings have put extra pressure on this very fragile and vulnerable community. 

The very survival of Christians in the Middle East is at risk, and if these tendencies persist, most of them will leave the region never to return. 

Do not leave these persecuted Christians alone. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

IV International Pilgrimage to Rome: #sumpont2015

Join HERE.

Support Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

With forces of evil waging war on Christian civilization in many countries, and persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq fleeing to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, the future of Christianity in the Middle East continues in a state of increased peril.

Already 120,000 Christians have fled their homelands in Iraq, and are either displaced within the country or have become refugees elsewhere.  Syria has seen a gradual flight of Christians over the last few years.

In both cases many refugees will remain in camps for indefinite periods of time.  These children and adults are totally dependent upon our help and have had a difficult winter. 

AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED is an international pontifical organization which has been helping the poor and the persecuted since 1947.  It offers assistance in the way of shelter, food, medical support, schooling for refugee children and comfort to those in need.

The work that AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED does is only possible through the generosity of Christians like you.  Please pray for its work, and take home their intentions in your heart while sharing with them financially. 

Pray for the freedom and exultation of Holy Mother Church in the Middle East as well as for the conversion of the evil oppressors of Christianity in the Middle East. 

Read Leo XIII

"The more one studies the encyclicals of Leo XIII the more one is impressed with their grasp not only of moral principles but of social realities.  He was not deceived by the apparent prosperity of the capitalist order.  He saw where Europe was going.  Beneath the self-satisfied optimism of nineteenth century Liberal democracy he saw the growing menace of Communism and Social Revolution.  At the very beginning of his pontificate in his encyclicals 'On the Evils Affecting Modern Society' and 'On Modern Errors' he warned Europe of its danger and pointed out the connection between Socialism and that wider movement of spiritual revolution which aimed at the destruction of Christianity and the complete secularization of Western culture." 

-Christopher Dawson

Catholic Culture: Veiling of Statues for Last Two Weeks of Lent

From the 1917 Code of Canon Law:

566. Of special note for Passion-tide: before the First Vespers of Passion Sunday, i.e., before noon on Saturday, all the crosses in the church and the statues on the altar shall be veiled.  (S.R.C. 1275 ad 2).  The statues of the saints are uncovered at the Gloria in Excelsis on Holy Saturday.

567. This veiling, or covering, shall be of violet color, and not transparent; it shall be embroidered with no figures, not even the cross.  (Martinucci, II, 21.).  The pictures, or images, of the fourteen Stations of the Way of the Cross may be left uncovered during Passion-tide.  (S.R.C. 3638 ad 2.).

568. 1. During Passion-tide it is not permitted to uncover the statues should the feast of the Titular, or of the Dedication of the Church, or of St. Joseph occur.  (S.R.C. 926 ad 2 and 3; 3396).

2. If out of devotion to St. Joseph the statue of the saint is exposed during the month of March outside the altar, may it not be left uncovered during Passion-tide?  The Sacred Congregation of Rites, 3448 ad 11, answered: "Tolerari posse."  "It may be left uncovered." 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

St. Mary's Academy and College, Kansas - Keeping Catholic Education Alive


This movement has proven to be the most effective pro-life campaign yet.

Prayer, fasting, and alms giving for the pro-life cause. 

Help spread the word.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Padre Pio Celebrates Outdoor Mass at Dedication of Local Hospital

In Honor of Benedict: Servant of the Servants of God

Annus secundus expletus a renunciatione Sanctissimi in Christo Patri Benedicti Decimi sexti, Pontificis Maximi, prolata pridie kalendas martii anno salutis bimillesimo terdecimo, pontificatus eius octauo.

New Evangelization Summit 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rome Quotes

"It is difficult for most people today to realize that prayer can change the fate of nations.  But it is the teaching of the Gospels and the belief of all Christians in all ages, that there is no limit to the power of prayer.  It is the ultimate spiritual arm, and no earthly power can stand against it."

-Christopher Dawson

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RIP: Dr. Jack Willke, M.D.

Pray for Peace and the Destruction of Evil

Pray for Armies to Stand Up to the Jihadi Movement

Syllabus Condmning the Errors of Modernists

The Latin Motto: Ubique (Everywhere)

The Corps of Royal Canadian Enginners on a Dodge Weapons Carrier. 

First Holy Communion Image for Girls

Hopefully a Google search will lead you to this post.

This is a fine image to have printed on the program, in a holy card to commemorate the occasion, or even on the cake. 

Teaching RCIA

The Church is in need of faithful laymen to teach on the parish level.

Get involved and help teach RCIA or CCD or whatever.

We are short on good guys to teach.  Pastors cannot do everything.  

Yours truly teaches Marriage Prep.  I have done so to hundreds upon hundreds of couples.  It is never easy.  But you do the Lord's work and keep doing the Lord's work.  Your reward will be in heaven.  God's grace is enough for you.     

Evangelization Magnets for Your Car

Life is short.  Get the word out while there is still time. 

Communion Wafer

Called a host after consecration.  

Made by sisters in the Holy Land. 

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Garden Statue

Papal Signatures

Guest book of the Vatican observatory.

Thanks, Summer!

Christus Heri, Hodie, Semper

Emblem of the Magnum Iubilaeum.

 "Jesus Christ, yesterday, and today; and the same for ever."

-Hebrews 13: 8

Catholic Humor

Image from the Internet. 

IL Papa Romano

The Cardinal of Hollywood

As you drive through Los Angeles, and Hollywood, you will see cute little Catholic churches everywhere.  A great many of them were built by him.  When he retired he served as a simple parish priest at St. Basil's Church in downtown Los Angeles.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Catholic Quebec

When he retired he went to be a missionary priest in French speaking West Africa.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Frank Card. Spellman

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

When Cardinals Wore Red

Today cardinals wear a sort of red-orange.  Some are asking for a return to the old shade of blood red.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!


Tabarro of a Cardinal

The first American to head a  dicastery of the Roman Curia as Pro-Prefect of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

Canadian Cardinal

Thanks, Fr. Pablo!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Papacy

Pray for the Roman Pontiffs. 

The evil one attacks them more than anyone. 

Bishop's Writing Stationery