Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Most Anti-Catholic President in the History of the Union

 Image from the Internet.  


  1. The devil never shows equanimity in his attack on Christianity. It is always an all-out assault on the Catholic Faith.

  2. Hello, I'm wondering where you found this image! It's so specific, did a Catholic commission it, or a member of some other Christian denomination? Is it for a publication? I'm so very curious.

  3. I do not know the origins. This image has been going viral on Facebook.

  4. Yet 50% of Roman Catholics voted for this evil and vile man who sits in our White House, I don't get it?

  5. The truth is, in many cases the politics of racial sentiment prevailed over Catholic truth.

    It's true American Catholics as a whole voted 50% for Obama and 49% for Romney. However, white Catholics favored Romney by 56 to 43 per cent. The fly in the ointment were Hispanic Catholics, who voted for Obama 76 to 23 per cent.

    That says a lot, but one has to understand that Hispanic Catholics in this country do not, for the most part, attend Mass regularly, and when they do, they don't attend Mass with the majority of their fellow Catholics. They attend Spanish Novus Ordo Masses said specifically for them, and very often celebrated by priests fluent in the language, who harbor a left-wing social agenda.

    There are statistics within statistics, and it pays to understand them.